• Dr. Jeppe R. Stokholm

London Blockchain Expo: Interview with

In this interview with I tell my story about my work with AmaZix, and how the company successfully have assisted more than 120 projects to cumulative raise more than USD 1,3 billion in financial crowdfunding events within the last 24 months.

Today, AmaZix is the world’s largest blockchain advisory firm with the following 4 divisions:

1) AmaZix PR & Marketing

2) AmaZix Digital Solutions

3) AmaZix Tax & Legal, and

4) AmaZix Corporate Finance

We have +100 team members distributed all over the world covering all time zones 24/7 and we have earned an unparalleled reputation in the industry built on trust, expertise, ethics and a proven track record. Our strong track record include HDAC (USD 258m), Bancor (USD 153m) and Bankex (USD 71m) (full reference list:

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly, if you have any questions or comments to the above.

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